Led Lamp Camp

The LED Lamp·Camp is a revolutionary torch that will accompany you on all your adventures.
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It has a dynamo torch system that’s activated by pressing a lever and it preserves the accumulated energy, and doesn’t require regular batteries!
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Universal Power adaptor

With this universal travel adaptor you can travel to any country and you won’t experience any problem when connecting your devices.
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This light and convenient travel pillow can be used anytime and anywhere, although its special features make of it an essential element for any trip.
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Pocket knife 15in1

With this multi-purpose knife you will stay safe in their trips: Camping, fishing and many more open-air activities!.
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Extendable fishing rod in the shape of a pen.
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Solar multi bottle

This multifunction lantern is ideal for transporting your belongings on trips or days out. The waterproof container emits light from inside with three different settings. It has a micro-USB port and solar panel for recharging, as well as a detachable handle.
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If you often fall asleep everywhere, this is the perfect pillow for you. You can use it to have a nice nap anywhere while keeping your face covered. This way nobody will know the identity of that sleepyhead who’s enjoying such a perfect moment of relax.
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The perfect solution for night outdoor activities. This dual-action lamp has 8 high-power LEDs: 5 for the lamp and 3 for the torch.
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Travelling Bag Set

Any time is good for travelling and now you can do it with this irresistible Travelling Bag Set. It’s a set of bags of different sizes that perfectly fit your needs. This way you can use the most suitable suitcase in each of your trips.

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Relax Travel Kit

Enjoy your trips to the fullest with this indispensable 3 pieces travel set.
It includes: inflatable neck cushion, eye mask and polyurethane ear buds. Ideal to disconnect from the environment on long trips or in any crowded place.
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Ninja Hoodie

Ninja Hoodie™

The cold is coming and you must protect yourself against low temperatures. Pow! Ninja Hoodie will protect you against the evil winter thanks to its thermal fabric. You can use it in up to 7 different ways!
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